Our primary and only means of contact is through emails at [email protected] and [email protected]. You can also reach us via phone at 210-246-2151 or through WhatsApp for any inquiries or authentication services.

Why Zeko's Authentication?

About Us

100% Accuracy Authentication

Our Chanel Handbag Authentication is different as its professional expertise will not render a decision without a 100% accuracy. We will verify and confirm the authenticity or reveal the falsity of the items presented or in question. The Client will leave without any ambiguity whatsoever, walking away with pride and personal satisfaction.

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What makes us special

Zekos Authentication is a trusted and reliable entity that prides itself on professionalism, educated expertise, integrity, client friendliness and a proven track record of continual success and customer personal satisfaction. Zeko’s handbag Authentication is different because it’s not just a business that offers a service but a service that provides quality customer service, concern and care for each client on a “as needed” basis. Each service offered is designed and customized to fit the needs of the client's request.

  • My clients are not just customers... they are family
  • I Strive For 100% Accuracy
  • Experience of 18 years in reselling and authentication
  • Guarenteed response in 24 business hours


MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE WHEN YOU AUTHENTICATE YOUR BAG WITH MACROBYZEKO. To improve your future orders, consider using Zeko’s macro lens. The MacroByZeko lens insures live photo capturing that validates the item’s possession at the moment of photography, eliminating the risk of swaps. This key feature provides several advantages:

  • It accelerates the process with image quality enhanced by 200x, eliminating photo retakes.
  • It allows you to submit either individual photos or a continuous video capturing all required details, making it more convenient.
  • It guarantees a full refund and a certificate with lifetime authenticity protection.
  • Guarenteed response in 24 business hoursThe certificate comes with a protective shield stamp, ensuring additional security with a money-back guarantee.”

Our Authentication Process

Meet The Authenticator

My name is pretty long, Zekrayat, means memories in Arabic :) I’m called and known as Zeko by associates and friends. I have always loved the authenticity and splendor of artistic designs with special emphasis on Chanel handbags. My interest and passion for the brand started decades ago and has compelled me to study this brand relentlessly and in depth from beginning to end leaving no room for ambiguous ignorance. mademoiselle Coco is without a doubt my most admired and dearest life inspiration representing connected purpose and a personal mission. My love and admiration for mademoiselle Coco, its engrained artistry, refined beauty and unquestionable authentication aspired me to transitioned my many years of research and expertise into a business. Zeko’s Handbag Authentication has been in business for 18 years, our services include buying, selling and authentication where detailing is key for complete and 100% accuracy. I have a passion for people and a compelled desire to assist them with fashion clarity and authentication of purchase with special emphasis on all Chanel handbags and small leather goods. My clientele consists of those who are 100% satisfied with testimonials and overall pleased to have experienced Zeko’s Handbag Authentication services. Upon completion, each client will receive a certified certificate stating its authentication or non-authentication finding status.